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Stories from AMS Barging


It is the summer of 2012. Rotterdam is the setting for the energetic ‘Wereldhavendagen’. 15-year-old John watches the spectacle with wide eyes. His boyhood dream is to work on a barge, with lots of power. At the Parkkade, he sees the motor tanker Mts Amulet. John doesn’t hesitate and gets on board. He was welcomed with open arms by Ton & Igor. 

‘Wereldhavendagen’: where it began

On board with John, back to 2012: “The ‘Wereldhavendagen’ is and remains a great event. I’d also been there before and immediately fell in love with all those vessels. When I stepped on board, I instantly struck up a conversation with Ton. We agreed that I could come for an internship sometime. A few months later, I joined him on board during a holiday. I was directly sold. What a beautiful profession. AMS Barging really gave me the opportunity to follow my dream. I learnt so much in a few years.”

“It is the contact with other seafarers that makes the work exciting.”

Climbing up the ladder

John explains: “I first took a VMBO course at the STC. During my internships, I really started at the bottom of the ladder. After that, I went through all the ranks within a few years. Started as a deckhand, then sailor and finally I got my helmsman papers. By the time I was 20 years old, I had my full license.

At AMS Barging, you can develop quickly. If you are motivated, they’ll do anything for you. What could be better than barging independently at a young age?”

Always in motion

“In our business, we are always on the move. Loading at spot A and bunkering at spot B. It goes on 24/7. The great thing about working here is that you have a lot of free time. It’s 2 weeks of work and 2 weeks free”, says John.

“In inland shipping, you really work as a team and carry out different tasks. Bunkering is really fun and different every time. Also on board, there is a good atmosphere among the crew. We’ve experienced a lot and we all share the same passion.”



Start your maritime adventure as a (student) sailor!
Develop yourself by learning everything there is to
know about inland shipping on board.

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Lift your career by starting as a helmsman at AMS Barging.
Assist the captain with a variety of tasks and responsibilities,
while gaining independency.

vacancy captain, vacature kapitein, barging captain, working in inland shipping



Lead your crew successfully on one of our barges.
Engage with crew members from different parts of
the world while navigating on the inland waterways.

vacancy captain, captain job, working in inland shipping, on board with john