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Stories from AMS Barging


Step on board with Dorin, a helmsman on the Mts Jade with a passion for navigating on the waters. At 40 years old, Dorin has already spent about three years with AMS Barging. Originally from Romania, his decision to join AMS Barging was driven by personal and professional development. With a little daughter back home, every moment spent on the job equals the same amount spent at home with her.

A life on the water

Dorin could always be found on the water. Before joining AMS Barging, he already gained experience in different industries. When arriving on the bunker barge of AMS, he had to adjust at first: “In the beginning, it was a bit harder than working on a passenger ship. The crew helped me a lot and I was able to learn quickly.”

“Every day is different. I adapt fast and feel good doing a lot of tasks.”

Working for your goals

“I have been working as a sailor for years, but now that I joined AMS, I want to develop myself and become a captain. In October I will have my final exam. After that, I can operate independently as a captain! The people from AMS encourage me to work towards my goals, which motivates me.

I can develop myself professionally and personally. I appreciate the opportunities that AMS gives me, they encourage my development.”

Always in motion

“What I like the most about this job, is the feeling of freedom. I enjoy being surrounded by nature and water. Also, the 3 weeks on, 3 weeks off system allows me to work hard, but also enjoy time with my daughter.

Whether you are still young or already a bit older, you can easily work for your goals and push yourself to complete those. As long as you are open, motivated and willing to work hard, the crew and management will help you to become a better version of yourself.”



Start your maritime adventure as a (student) sailor!
Develop yourself by learning everything there is to
know about inland shipping on board.

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Lift your career by starting as a helmsman at AMS Barging.
Assist the captain with a variety of tasks and responsibilities,
while gaining independency.

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Lead your crew successfully on one of our barges.
Engage with crew members from different parts of
the world while navigating on the inland waterways.

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